trifari jewelry

trifari jewelry vintage jewelry is a good choice for beginning collectors. The jewelry is very well done, it was plentiful over a long period of time, period features are still very affordable.

The company began producing costume jewelry in 1910, and production continues to this day. trifari jewelry vintage jewelry more affordable and available dates in the 1950s and 60s. trifari jewelry produces many different styles, start the collector can be picky and select only the pieces she truly loves.

For investment purposes, trifari jewelry rhinestone jewelry 1950 is affordable and a good long term investment. And, as always, the room should be in excellent condition. Keep this loupe or magnifying glass with you whenever you shop and look for flaws, cut stones, deterioration of metal, and of course the signature of the designer.

This led to the identification marks or signatures as they are called in the trifari jewelry business.

Recognizing the different companies help date the piece. Rooms start trifari jewelry signed "KTF" and are highly collectible. "KTF" was first used in 1935. "KTF" with a crown above dates "T" in 1954 and "Trifari" uncrowned or thin crown in 1937. "trifari jewelry Pat. Pend" is from 1940, and trifari jewelry Sterling from 1942 to 1947. The copyright symbol - (c) - appears after 1954. "Trifari" with the (c) and a small crown in a box is a modern brand, but when it was first used is not clear.

All Trifari jewelry original paper label, vintage advertising appeared in, or trifari jewelry that is in its original box makes life more interesting and valuable piece.

The price collectors trifari jewelry with stones carved or molded. In the 1960s and 1970s were shaped beautiful stones available. Some rooms are designed with glass stones combined with the northern lights and other colored stones to give a feeling of movement in the room irregular shape.

A Trifari jewelry easily recognizable style is the use of silver and gold colored metal in the same room. Another was the creation trifari jewelry "Jelly Belly", figures of birds or fish, with a Lucite "belly" usually clear. They were created during World War II.

Whatever your taste, whatever your budget, it does not look vintage Trifari jewelry - find some beautiful pieces at very reasonable prices.

My name is Deena O'Daniel, and I have been collecting vintage costume jewelry for years. I discovered that I was a collector when I regretted the sale of a particularly beautiful Aurora Borealis rhinestone brooch. Now, I sell vintage costume and contemporary jewelry in my site, but sometimes there is a piece that I can not bear to be separated.

My website has a large variety of rhinestones, but it is not everything. In China, collectibles and gifts ceramic are also among the hundreds of items. I love shopping and I love a good deal, and I like to spend good business with my clients.
trifari jewelry

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