Benefits Of USA Made Hemp

By Joseph Jones

Hemp is a term that is commonly used in referring to high growing types of industrial cannabis plant including its various products such as the fiber, seed foods plus oil. Basically, cannabis in made into fine products which are inclusive of the wax, resin, and fuel. There are several economic plus environmental benefits associated with USA made hemp.

On annually basis an acre of industrial cannabis basically yields as much fiber product as two or three acres of land plantation of cotton. Basically hemp fiber is much softer and stronger as compare to fiber from cotton. Cannabis fiber also lasts twice longer than cotton.

In the USA this plant actually grows in all states and it is tolerant to all types of climates and limited amounts of water for its survival. On the other hand cotton usually requires moderate climates for its sustenance and basically needs huge amounts of water compared to cannabis.

Trees usually have to grow for more than forty years after they have been planted before the get harvested for any use in commercial purpose. Basically this plant takes about four months to achieve a growth height of about twenty feet tall which means that its mature enough to be harvested.

Paper products from industrial cannabis are basically superior compared to paper products from trees. This is due to the fact that cannabis paper products can be recycled i more times compared to tree paper products without getting degraded. Hemp paper products also require chemicals which are less toxic in production making these products more environmental friendly than paper products from trees. The plant is also used in the production of fire board which is actually much stronger and also lighter than that of wood.

This plant is also a natural and best substitute for cotton. This is due to the fact that cannabis can be used in the production of pulp and its minimal usage chemicals in the production due to its limited content of lignin. Pulp made of cannabis is possesses natural brightness which actually reduces the need of chlorine as a bleaching agent.

The marijuana plant is known for its dozens of medicinal proven uses. Basically marijuana is extra effective, cheaper and less toxic as compared to widely used synthetic medicines. Recent research have revealed that more than fifty percent of physicians in the United States would recommend their patients to use drugs made of marijuana if it was legally available. Basically people suffering from diseases such as leukemia, cancer and arthritis among other diseases can sufficiently and effectively benefit from medicinal products of hemp plant.

Hemp seeds are also source nutritious flour when the seed are ground. The flour can be used to bake cookies, breads and pasta. In USA literally, wild cannabis grows normally like any other plant throughout the USA. Basically industrial that is grown for industrial use, lacks drug properties as it possess low amount THC content.

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