Why I Chose 511 Tactical Boots

By Aimee Jackson

If you have read any of my writing in the past you'll understand I'm a big admirer of 5.11's range of tactical garments. I am continually advocating the product range to friends and family as well as everybody else who will listen. Having said that I hadn't actually tested out their footwear before. Unbelievable right? But I'm telling the truth. This was mainly because my last shoes held out for a really long amount of time! They were absolutely terrific.

My last pair of work footwear held up a really long time. I cared for them really well, even if I do say so myself, and they simply just kept going. And they were always so comfortable as well, I was very unhappy to have to change these. Once the occasion did come to replace them, the specific design ended up being discontinued. Which goes to show the amount of time it was! This meant I could not just have the same exact set of boots again, therefore I chose to take a look at alternative models.

There is loads of alternatives nonetheless after lots of looking I decided to settle with a nice pair of dark 5.11 boots. The retail price was ideal, they seemed tough and I also got them at a website where I love to shop. They will always have rock bottom selling prices and they are extremely quick to deliver. If there is a problem with my purchase they will get in touch without delay. The largest issue I've ever endured is a few days wait regarding stock, not really a big deal whatsoever. Because I like 5.11 Tactical Clothing so much, I thought it made sense to try their boots.

So I bought my new pair of 5.11 tactical shoes and they ended up being truly comfy. They felt incredibly tough and they fit properly. Occasionally you are trying a different brand name and the sizing is all different and you are squashing in to a shoe which is supposed to be your regular shoe size. Not with these boots. This footwear fit like a glove, which feels bizarre to say about a pair of boots. They are waterproof as well. Plus the shoelaces seem like fantastic quality shoelaces. Although, shoelaces are always changeable if they are poor quality or wearing quickly, so this is never a huge issue for me when I am buying new shoes.

After discovering that these shoes are suitable for my workplace and pleasant to put on, it may be my new favorite make for shoes or boots in addition to apparel. I imagined I would never be capable to replace my old footwear since they served me very well for such a lengthy length of time. However i am very happy to say I've discovered a brand new pair of high quality, comfy boots that will be suitable for work.

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