Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

By Stewart Potter

Do you know the issues that may come with buying cheap shades? I recently bought a set of cheap Oakley shades online. They had been a great bargain and I remember thinking the deal may be too good to be true. But I purchased them anyway as I always enjoy finding a cheeky deal on the internet. It turns out that yes, it was much too good a price. I should have paid attention to that little voice in the back of my mind. It was such a catastrophe.

I got my bargain Oakley glasses and they appeared good. They did not feel as durable as I would have liked however looked fantastic, and that is what I truly wished for from my sunglasses. These were a fashion statement above all else. I began wearing them a good deal and they ended up being half decent. I enjoyed them and I appeared to be receiving plenty of attention since they looked so good. There were loads of people who were asking where I had bought them from. And some were astonished when I stated just how much they cost.

The serious calamity arrived once I was out on my bike. They did not sit well on my nose. It was no problem while I had been strolling about on foot however I then got on my bike. They kept sliding straight down my nose and offered absolutely no proper grip, their tough rubberized nose section ended up being useless. And then they dropped off. They crashed on the ground, perished underneath my back wheel, with the commotion of sun light and breaking my glasses, I somehow swerved and collided with a rock and flew off my bicycle. Thankfully I was not injured but if I'd been on more difficult ground than just a woodlands path then it might have been a very different story.

Since that happened I've done some research and read that a poor nose piece is a giveaway for many counterfeit eyewear. So that makes a lot more sense now. I wish I just spent more money on my sunglasses. My cheap Oakley shades truly let me down and I cycled all the way home squinting under the sun and having my vision seriously obscured by insects. As I got back on my feet it soon became clear that the money I had saved was not worth it.

In the future if I am shopping for some designer shades I will shop for them through a shop I know and can trust for quality. Even with proper shops you can find some Cheap Oakley Sunglasses. Paying out the money to get a quality pair is way more preferable in comparison with choosing a low cost, fake pair that will do nothing more than looking rather attractive. Someone also pointed out that I had no clue what protection from the sun I had been getting through my bargain eyewear so I guess there is that health and safety aspect to consider also.

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