Learning About Pocket Squares, With Mohan's

By Michael Robert Peterson

Anyone who specializes in the tailoring of men's suits will tell you that every accessory makes a difference. Mohan's Custom Tailors will agree, even when it comes to pocket squares. While these might appear simple on the surface, they can have a huge impact on the professional attires you're likely to wear. With this in mind, here is some valuable information that should help you invest in the best pocket squares to be imagined.

As companies like Mohan's Custom Tailors will tell you, a pocket square is a noticeable piece of felt that is placed within the breast pocket of a suit jacket. While this might not seem like a tremendous addition, keep in mind that this showcases a sense of color. Needless to say, this will stand out from the grey or black suit that you're likely to wear for any social event. Of course, you have to be mindful of the pocket square that you select.

If you're looking for the best pocket square for your suit, it's important to note that it usually matches the color of your tie. Let's say that you're wearing a red necktie along with the black suit you have previously invested in. Needless to say, you're probably going to want to focus on red pocket squares for a sense of consistency. This isn't the only way that variety can be seen, though, as Mohan's Custom Tailors will attest to.

It's worth noting that pocket squares can be folded in certain ways, in order to wrap up the clean appearance that you'd like to show off. Perhaps the most common is the straight fold, though this isn't the only one that you can take advantage of. The four-point, puff, and winged puffs are other folds that you might want to utilize. Given that this is more of a matter of preference than anything else, there are many ways to do this right.

If you were curious about investing in a pocket square for your suit, hopefully these talking points will guide you in the right direction. There's no denying the fact that these accessories matter, even if they don't seem like they're terribly important on the surface. As you'll learn in fashion, though, the smallest touches matter. For this reason, you should never overlook the impact that the pocket square can have on your tailored suit.

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