Popular And Attractive Gold Temporary Tattoos

By Patrick Adams

Talking about different fashion trends for this summer, here is something really special. This summer you simply cannot avoid gold temporary tattoos. Beautifully designed, glittering and really sexy, they are more and more popular lately. Available in various designs, this inexpensive body jewelry can make your bronzed body even more attractive on the beach. Some types will last for a few days, some even longer, they are perfectly harmless and simple to apply, and here are some other facts you maybe don't know about them.

You cannot get this perfect gold pigment in any tattoo studio, because it doesn't exist. But you can have a perfect golden body jewelry applied on any part of your body, simply and easily. There are so many interesting designs and you can change them whenever you feel like it. Simply apply them on your skin, and you are ready to go.

This product consists of a thin layer of paper, some glue, and a very thin metal foil. Application is easy, and the durability depends on the quality of the product. Better quality products will last for up to several weeks, while those of poorer quality will last for several days. They are safe to use even for people with sensitive skin, they are water resistant and durable and can be removed easily, with rubbing alcohol or oil.

This type of temporary tattoo can be positioned wherever you want, even on your face. The most important thing is to make sure the skin is dry and perfectly clean, with no lotions or similar products applied. Simply cut out your favorite design, place on the skin and fix it using wet cloth.

Different designs are usually available in thematic sheets. You will need the scissors to cut them out. Adjust the length before applying your selected design. Sometimes is easier to have someone to help you place it on desired position. Once you fix it using wet cloth, let it set into your skin for maybe twenty minutes or so. After that, it will be waterproof and resistant.

Once fixed, your body jewelry will be water resistant and will last for several days. You should avoid excessive rubbing and applying lotions that contain oil, including the suntan oil, as this can damage the design. You may normally take a shower, but you should dry these particular parts of your body with a light touch of the towel, without rubbing.

Even if you have a fake tan, you can still apply these lovely products, as long as you make sure the skin is perfectly clean and dry before the application. There are some really attractive pieces that will make you shine on the beach. Some even contain small Swarovski crystals. You don't have to worry about losing your precious jewelry on the beach, simply enjoy and shine. Combine them with your favorite pieces of real jewelry if you want.

Although some use rubbing alcohol for removing your old temporary tattoos, it is much easier to use different oils, for example olive oil. Soak the skin with it, put some on one soft cloth and simply rub it. So, it is really easy to apply and remove this product, and it will make you especially attractive this summer.

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