Things To Consider With Gold Temporary Tattoos

By Walter Stewart

Many people enjoy body art and it is extremely popular all over the world. When you think of a tattoo, it will usually be a permanent ink based piece of art that is injected in to the skin, and can only be removed by a laser or medical procedure. A lot of people will now opt for gold temporary tattoos and there are a few things to consider before you order.

This type of temporary art is suitable for men, women and children and the great thing about it is, that if you are not happy with it, you can quickly remove it. This body art is popular will people attending parties who are looking for some extra sparkle and it also looks great on the beach. Many celebrities are now using these tattoos and some stars even have their own range of designs.

Body art has limitless possibilities and virtually any design can be put onto the skin and there are a few places where you can purchase temporary tattoos. There are stores in many high streets and shopping malls who will have a good selection. Searching the web can also produce good results and there are many online retailers to choose from.

Most of the retailers will have artwork in stock that will be suitable for you. The companies that sell body art will also be able to take your own designs and turn them into metallic prints. Not everything can be transferred from your design into a reality but the specialist will advise you and make suggestions to help you achieve a suitable design.

Your metallic artwork will be stuck to sheets in various sizes which make them easy to post and it also makes the application easier. If you order an item of the shelf, it will normally reach you within two to three days. When you have an order shipped overseas, you will need to allow around two weeks and the price will be slightly higher.

If you want to have a bespoke piece of body art made, you will have to submit a design to the suppliers and they will make it. You can email a picture of your ideas to the company and they will make a gold tattoo from these details. A custom order will take around seven days to produce but a faster service can often be provided.

Your art is simple to apply and you will require some water and a cloth or towel to press the metallic print onto the skin. The application will only take a few seconds and it will be dry in around half an hour. You may need to wait a little longer for a full bond, and it is advisable to stay as still as possible, to avoid damaging the artwork.

The artwork will usually last for about a week if it is looked after and when you need to remove it you should use body oil or an alcohol based liquid. The tattoo should be waterproof so swimming, bathing and showering will not affect it but you will need to keep soap, sunscreen and other cosmetics away from it. If your skin becomes itchy, or a rash develops when you apply the artwork, you should remove it and seek advice from your medical practitioner.

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