Things To Note About Woven Labels

By Thomas Butler

There are advancements and developments in the fashion industries, and they come along with the demand and need for clothing labels. There are many forms of labels such as, print labels, rubber labels, hang tags and woven labels which are our center of discussion. There are three major finishing options when stitching fabric tags: straight cut, mid fold or end fold. You have to understand that these are not the only options, but there are others which are not commonly used.

The very first option is the straight cut. In this, the ends of the label are sealed with heat so as to prevent edging for exterior stitching all through. This type of clothing label is best because the label does not tear off easily as it is attached to the fabric in a way that is impossible to be separated.

The second type is mid fold or center folding. In this option, sealing is done on the top and the center and then the middle is folded. They are then joined, and the label hangs down on the fabric. Mostly it is done on the top of the fabric. This has got a disadvantage that it can be easily removed. The advantage is that you can have inclusive information at the back with either instruction on how to maintain the fabric among other details that you deem fit.

An end fold is the last option where the ends are first sealed without folding. Then, there are some sew space on the ends. The label is then attached to the fabric, and it normally has the best appearance. Unlike the straight cut, the end fold has got a disadvantage of it getting ripped off the fabric. Mainly, it is designed that the cloth can be hanged using it.

In every fabric design, you require the above information on the three types of woven tags to plan and decide on which type to go for. Normally it takes a maximum of three weeks for a manufacturer to have your tags ready raising an alarm for you to plan early so as to have your release in time.

It is very recommendable to identify certain key things that will aid in having your clothing labels at the desired time. The very first should be the ability and capability of your manufacturer. If it is your first dealing, you should consult with other people in the industry.

The last thing to consider is the shipping modes. How reliable are the shipping modes should make you determine whom to have the business dealings with. The manufacturer should always make sure the delivery reaches you in time, and there should never be delay whatsoever. It is therefore very wise if you would choose a direct manufacturer for it makes it possible to have the delivery soonest.

After the identification of the option of the fabric labels to use, you should have the mode of delivery well acknowledged. The turns and the twists for the whole process should be well articulated so as to minimize any delay or mistake.

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