A Guide To Selecting Perfumes And How To Use Them Effectively

By Jerry Wallace

Never underestimate the power of smelling good because scent is one of the most powerful qualities that attract people towards other individuals. Indeed, the fragrance industry constantly provides the general public with a plethora of scents that cater to their desires and preferences. But the number of perfumes and colognes out there might be overwhelming if you are unsure of your choice. This guide below should help in giving you some clear details in this matter.

Your first order of business is to dive deeper into the subject of fragrances prior to purchasing some bottles for your collection. Read books or online articles about how chemists are able to design a luxury scent like Fendi Eau de Parfum and advertise the finished product to consumers. This allows you to be more appreciative of how colognes and perfumes are crafted.

Never commit to something unless you have an understanding of the various olfactory families, which are basically the different groups of aromatics that distinguishes one scent from another. You need to learn your florals from your woodsy scents, and your orientals from your citrusy fragrances. Such distinctions will help you decide which aromatic family is the best one for you.

In relation to the previous point, it is acceptable for one person to use several types of perfume for as long as they know the right time and occasion to use them. For instance, lighter aromas with predominantly floral notes are more suitable for daytime hours, while heavier and seductive scents are perfect for nighttime occasions. Wield your perfumes with judicious care.

When buying fragrances, you must always test it first in two distinctive ways before applying it on your body. The first method is to spray the substance in the air and letting it linger so you could catch a whiff. The second option is to spray a little bit on a testing card and then fanning the scented paper near your nose. Both methods are effective in assessing a specific fragrance.

Bear in mind that perfumes have varying concentration levels that determine its strength and potency, as well as the retail price. Varieties range from lighter mixes of eau de cologne and eau de toilette to the stronger doses of perfume and absolutes where the raw scent extracts have minimal alcohol mixtures. The higher the perfume oil content, the more expensive it is.

Perfumes are considered as very costly luxury commodities that you should not carelessly waste one bottle in less than a month. They are intended to last you for at least several months as scents are meant to be used sparingly. Just two or three spritzes on your key pulse points such as the wrist and the neck will be enough to get you through the day without having to reapply.

Contrary to what you might believe, perfumes can lose their potency when improperly stored. Exposure to light and heat can cause fragrances to change their chemical structure, and may be in danger of combustion as well due to the alcohol component. Perfume enthusiasts are advised to keep their collection of precious bottles in a place that his dry and cool for optimal security.

Whether you intend to use it as a weapon of seduction or as a statement of personal empowerment, perfumes are great accessories that should be used with care and respect. Follow the suggested guidelines within this post to steer you in the right direction. Enjoy the process and always trust in your intuition when deciding what to get.

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