A Handy Survival Guide For Aspiring Hair And Makeup Artists

By Nancy Reed

Behind the look of every glamorous celebrity sashaying down a red carpet is a hair and makeup artist glowing with pride that his or her work is being photographed for everyone to see. Indeed, the business of providing beauty services to the most famous faces in the world is consistently in demand that such stars pay top dollar to always appear fabulous for public appearances. Look through the information listed right below to find out more exclusive details.

Expect that this specific subset of the fashion and beauty industry will cost you a considerable amount owing to the fact that stylists must always carry their own items for use. Naturally, you cannot expect clients to have theatrical makeup supplies and other paraphernalia for you to utilize during sessions. Invest in your own tools of the trade to ensure your blossoming success.

Even though you have a basic understanding of making people look good, you should consider getting certification by attending a cosmetology academy. Learning advanced skills and techniques through beauty school can be advantageous since there are so many things you could discover. Receiving accreditation also means that your career opportunities will improve.

Portfolios are great way for other people to look and assess your body of work before they decide to book you for a styling gig. You could do this in the traditional format of a glossy photo album containing color photo prints of models sporting some of your best work. Alternatively, you may choose to go with a digital route and post the photos on your social media accounts.

In relation to the previous point, always carry your smartphone with you at all times because your camera app will be your best friend. You just never know when inspiration might strike for a potential project, so your phone will prove useful as a tool to capture all the visual ideas you might encounter. Save the photos so you could use them as reference when creating magic.

Accept any and all fortuitous opportunities that could potentially expose your work to a broader audience since publicity is essential to furthering your styling career. For instance, if a big time magazine editor requests your services for an edgy photo session with top supermodels, then the answer should be pretty obvious. Such chances will truly give you a chance to shine bright.

The thing about working alongside famous boldfaced names such as supermodels or actors is that it can be easy for anyone to be starstruck. This can pose a challenge for both parties since you cannot concentrate on your work while the celebrity will likely feel uncomfortable. Always act cool and calm but in a cordial and professional manner which will put celebrities at ease.

What aspiring cosmetologists may not realize is that even if their hours are flexible, a typical working day for a makeup and hair stylist can run for several hours depending on the project. Movie or television productions can be brutal due to long filming hours requiring frequent touch ups. In this regard, it helps to develop a strong sense of patience when considering this career.

Working in the beauty industry can be rather competitive, but as long as you have the passion, determination, and dedication for the craft, then you shall surely succeed in your endeavors. Stick to the guidelines mentioned here to achieve your desired career goals. Above all, enjoy the process an always trust in your intuition when creative ideas appear out of the blue.

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