How To Take Care Of A Minky Blanket Without Making It Lose

By Jose Fisher

Blankets are types of bedding which are made from a large sized woven cloth. These are being used to make people feel warm, most especially when lying down or sleeping. It will trap the heat from the body of the person, thus, providing heat and warming the body. It can also protect a person from cold due to convection.

Traditionally, the blankets were made from wool because a wool is warm while bed sheets are made from silk, cotton, or linen, which are materials that would lessen skin irritations. Nowadays, common materials used for both are the synthetic fibers. Some other uses for blankets include picnics and as a comfort object called as minky blanket for the small children.

Minkys are types of fabrics that are used for creating baby clothing, blankets, and accessories. These fabrics are like fleece but are made softer and thicker. High quality fabrics help for preventing the color to fade out and help on decreasing warm over time.

A minky fabric was first used not for producing baby blankets but for producing changing pad covers, burp clothes, bibs, booties, baby clothes, diaper covers, pillows, and stuffed animals. Nowadays, it is not only used for comforting the babies but as well as for adults and teenagers. This is called as the minky couture. Minky couture provides luxurious fabrics in all ages.

Aside from using it for warming, it also also gives other people an idea of decorating. It has several different designs, patterns, and style that can give a stylish look to living rooms, bedrooms, or even in the bathrooms. This can also be used as a cover for chairs, dressers, couches, and piano.

A minky is made durable and special so that it may be washed in a washing machine. Even after washing it for many times already, it will still remain soft like the first time you held it. For sure, almost all people do not want a lose blanket after washing it once. Most of the people are afraid in washing soft or thin types of cloth because it may be torn after one wash.

Surely, the children, especially the toddlers love to play with it, dragging it all over and wrapping it around them. So to not make it lose and to maintain its softness, follow these steps when washing. First, separate the blanket from any other type of clothing. You must wash it alone or maybe, together with any blanket which has the same type of cloth as this. Use a laundry detergent and fabric softener when washing. Remember not to use bleach on these.

Second is removing the stains if there are any. Do this by mixing baby powder with cornstarch, put it on the stain and wash it after leaving it overnight. Dishwashing liquids may also be used. The two methods should be used with cold water when washing.

It would be better to hang it when drying it if there is a hot weather. But if not, use the dryer, but be sure to choose low heat setting. Some pillings may not be avoided, and you can remove it by using a disposable razor or sweater shaver. See to it that you will not cut the fabric.

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