Knowing The Different Types Of Fragrances For The Bleu De Chanel Sale

By Mark Wagner

A perfume is a combination of fragrances such as aroma compounds, essential oils, fixatives, and solvents. These can be used for giving food, humans, objects, animals, and living spaces a pleasant smell. Even in history, perfumes are being used in earliest civilization of humans. And in modern times, its commercial improved with the combination of new aroma compounds, the vanillin and the coumarin. Both gives its composition a natural smell.

So if you want to go shopping for perfumes, it could be very overwhelming especially if there are a lot of scents available. And aside from the scents, different concentration of fragrances are also available in the stores. Fragrance concentrations refer to how strong the fragrance is. If it is higher, then it contains more oil but less alcohol. This article will tackle on fragrances for men, how it matters to them, and on how to buy when Bleu de Chanel sale.

When men use the right cologne, it increases their level of attractiveness, trust, confidence, and alertness. Wearing colognes can be compared to playing any games, which often deals with a strong hand. And with this, you will know that you have a feeling of confidence and strength that flows inside you.

So Bleu de Chanel is an aromatic fragrance that is made for men and which became popular in the year 2010. Its features include nutmeg, labdanum, sandalwood, ginger, mint, patchouli, and many more. Other products of Bleu de Chanel are shower gel, deodorant stick, and after shave lotion. But the most popular is their perfume for the men.

Fragrances of perfumes are consist of many different types. Each type reflects aromatic compounds of solvent. Each of the type differs in various sources. Pure perfume and extrait de parfum are some other names for parfum. It contains fifteen to forty percent fragrance and twenty to thirty percent concentration. It contains less amount of alcohol, so it is perfect for those who have sensitive skins.

Eau de parfum contains 15 to 20 percent of concentration and this is considered as the second highest. Its odor lasts for about four to five hours. This does not cost much as compared to the pure perfume. This has high amount in alcohol and this can be used everyday in any occasion.

Eau de toilette contains a concentration of 5 to 15 percent. It is one of popular types of fragrances. The odor often last for two to three hours only. This is best for day time uses and eau de parfum is best for night time uses.

Eau de cologne is the fourth lowest fragrance concentration among all types of perfumes. It only have 2 to 4 percent and contains high alcohol. Its scent only last for up to 2 hours. This is usually placed inside bigger bottles. This contains traditional ingredients including herbs and citrus notes with base notes.

The last one is eau fraiche. This is similar to cologne in which it lasts for only 2 hours. This has the lowest concentration which only ranges from 1 to 3 percent. This does not contain a higher amount of alcohol, and it has more water.

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