Learning How To Make Pretty Stitch Patterns

By Daniel Long

Stitching is a tiring thing though a lot of people loves doing it. At first, making very simple patterns can be very confusing. You have to learn the basics and also to understand it, from knitting and purling techniques, to cabling pattern techniques. Projects can be beautified by different patterns of stitching.

Learning and understanding the basics on sewing is a great way to start and enhance your skills. Making stitch patterns is very easy and simple only when you try it. When starting to knit, all you need is yarn or thread, some needles, and a fabric or cloth. One important thing to know when you knit is to identify the very basic stitches.

Garter sewing is made either in a round or flat way. In the round way, it is produced by knitting and purling alternate rows. While in flat surface, it is produced by knitting or purling every stitch.

Stockinette sewing can also be produced either in a round and flat way with the same as the garter is done. Reverse stockinette is very similar to the stockinette, but the purl in reverse stockinette is done on the right side and the knits are done in the wrong side or the side which is facing inwards in flat surfaces. In a round way, it is produced by purling every stitch.

Seed sewing is a very basic pattern in a basket weave pattern. In this pattern, alternation of knitting and purling in every row or usually called as the course and in every column or usually called as the wale. A variation of eyelet and lace knit is the faggot variation, in which every stitch is a decrease or a yarn over.

The texture of cable pattern is being produced by stitches which are permuted. If there are given four stitches A B C D, can overlap or it can be under the next two. So this results to C D A B.

Herringbone sewing are being compared to the spine of the herring fish. Common uses of these are for embroideries and for crochets. While linens are being compared to woven linens. Herringbones are also commonly used in making the heels of the hand knitted socks. Slipped, purl, and knit stitches are usually being done in these.

A bobble is formed by making a set of stitches forming a bump. These bumps are usually arranged in geometrical pattern or it can be figurative. A bobble can be produced through making a single stitch, increasing it, then decreasing it back to single. Tricot is a special form of warp knitting. In warp, the yarn zigzags vertically by following one column or wale. Zigzags can also be done in a single row or the course, but it is customary.

By reading this article, it could be a little confusing, but you can always read some other tips on knitting. Tips and techniques are very much helpful as you learn how to do it. And by knowing a few tricks, you can make it into a fun experience by making it quicker and easier, and making it better as well.

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