What To Do To Keep Your White Faux Fur Rug Looking Its Best

By George Sullivan

If you are trying to find a way to give a room a makeover, one of the easiest things that you can do is to change accent pieces such as rugs, lamps and other smaller items. Adding an item like a white faux fur rug to a room such as a bedroom or a living room can really change the look of that room and can breathe new life into your home without spending an arm and a leg. Here is what you need to do to choose the right rug for your home.

One thing to consider is which room you want to add the rug to. You want to consider how much foot traffic a particular room may encounter and how much wear and tear a particular area rug may take. This can help you determine whether a particular rug will be durable enough to work in the spot where you want to put it.

The amount of foot traffic that will cross over your carpet is an important factor when it comes to picking the right one for your home. A high-traffic zone is a great place for a rug that has shorter pile and which can be cleaned more easily. Longer pile can feel great under your feet but it is harder to keep clean and can really wreck havoc on a vacuum cleaner.

These decor items come in many different sizes and shapes. You may want to think about how large you want your floor covering to be. Smaller carpets can be more affordable but may not be the best choice for your room. Some individuals will want to use several smaller rugs rather than one larger one. Keep in mind that a smaller carpet, or one that is unevenly shaped, may allow people to see the floor underneath. This can be a nice look but may not be to your personal taste.

You should also consider whether or not you want your rug to be a plain white color or if you want there to be any pattern or shading in it. A plain white rug can be beautiful but it may not suit every interior. You may want to think about choosing a floor covering that is stark white if you are trying to achieve a monochromatic decorating scheme in a particular room in your home.

An under pad can be a great way to keep your rug looking and feeling its best. It can be a barrier against dirt that would damage the underlying mesh. It can also help keep a carpet in one place and prevent slipping. You may love the way your rug feels thicker and more luxurious when the under pad is in place.

Cleaning your rug will involve a few steps. You will want to make sure that you remove dirt by vacuuming it as well as learning how to remove any stains or liquid that might soil your rug. A good manufacturer will often give you instructions on how to safely clean your rug and keep it looking good.

You may want to look online in order to find faux fur rugs that may meet your needs. Make sure you look at the description carefully in order to find out details such as size and how thick the pile is. You can also find rugs in various furniture and home decor stores as well.

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