You Should Choose A Faux Fur Rug

By Betty Cox

Your home or residence can be made homier and much cozier with the addition of a few things in select places. These can all have functional or non functional roles within the room and they can be cheap or be quite expensive. One such addition can be a faux fur rug as opposed to a real one. This article will cover some items related to why you should make this choice.

A good thing to do before buying an item is to know more about it, so you can basically be more confident in purchasing it. In addition, knowing certain advantages and disadvantages will also add to your purchasing confidence.

When one goes out and buy these kinds of rug, then look for one made of fine acrylic fibers. A high quality rug will not release a lot of hairs when given a stroke test. To know the real ingredients of what makes it up, just read the product label for a complete listing of materials. Be aware though that some may still include a bit of real fur from dogs and cats mostly.

Many designs, sizes, and shapes are also available for these kinds of rugs. Most popular designs that are usually produced are tiger, zebra, fox, bear, chinchilla, mink and leopard. Whatever effect you want for your room, whether using these designs to contrast or complement, you will be spoilt for choice. Also these kinds of rugs are usually place on the floor and not hung on the walls as you would with the real thing.

Apart from the obvious advantage of not killing any animals by using this rug, a good foreseen advantage of this product is that they are easier to maintain. They are more often than not washable so they will not be as stinky or smelly like the real thing. They are also very resistant to wear and can last longer than its authentic counterpart. They are also very moth resistant and are hypoallergenic.

Being flexible also in terms of what kind of sizes and shapes that they come in make it very popular for room decorations. You can also get these in geometric shapes if you so need. All in all it is a good product for any interior decorator to use and be creative with. It is this flexibility in shape and sizing that can make it easy for anyone to decorate any room regardless of the room size and shape.

In terms of the price point, it is well below the price of an original or authentic one, which makes it an attractive purchase. It is also not so difficult to find online and you can make a very easy purchase. You will not be needing import papers or wildlife clearances for the more exotically patterned ones. Import clearances are usually need for genuine furs which are classified as trophies in some countries, especially if it is a trophy of an endangered species.

Although it can resist cold to a degree, it cannot provide much warmth. In extreme cold and freezing temperatures it will brittle as compared to the real deal. Most faux creations are also not as smooth as the genuine article when touched, and will more like cotton as is the case with low quality false furs. It is also likewise non biodegradable.

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