Estelle's Dressy Dresses: Important Traits Retail Salespeople Should Have

By Katie Onson

Salespeople are nothing short of capable when it comes to the work they're involved in. The main reason for this is the collection of skills that they possess. This is true in the fashion industry as well, which the likes of Estelle's Dressy Dresses know all too well. If you'd like to know which traits are the most important for retail salespeople to possess, here are a few that can help make one's work that much easier.

Reliable - One of the many qualities that fashion salespeople possess is reliability. Simply put, you want to be the kind of person that the store depends on in order to drive success. Everything from the way that you conduct yourself on a regular basis to your overall attendance makes a world of difference in the long run. When you're reliable, you stand a greater chance of becoming a better salesperson in retail.

Affable - What about the personality that a fashion salesperson upholds? Someone who's in the business of selling people on products is probably going to possess an affable demeanor, seeing as how friendliness goes a long way in any line of work. This is true in fashion as well, meaning that you shouldn't come across as distant. If anything, affability will make all the difference when it comes to the professional success you'll find.

Communicable - Fashion salespeople are known to be communicable, too. Picture this scenario: you're working and someone approaches you with questions about available sweet 16 dresses. You should follow up by asking questions of your own, determining if they want a specific color, pattern, or overall shape to their gown. These details will let you give better service that companies such as Estelle's Dressy Dresses can approve of.

Knowledgeable - Above all else, a retail salesperson must be knowledgeable about the product that their store offers. If a customer approaches you with questions about an article of clothing and wanted to know if it came in different sizes, your knowledge of fashion would have to come into play. You'd be able to give an accurate response, which would help the customer decide if it's the right purchase to make. To be a reliable salesperson, you must be fully knowledgeable about what you offer.

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