Find Cute Autumn Homespun Children's Clothes With North CA Clothing Company

By Tanisha Marsico

Current trends are shifting toward all things natural and fair-trade, including clothing. Many parents are opting for organic products for their children, including high-quality apparel made of natural wool, silk, and cotton. A company selling children's clothing in Northern California offers a wide selection of hand-crafted clothing and accessories fashioned in the art of the traditional textile.

Kalamkari, a decorating technique that dates to 13th century India, involves an intricate process using a "kalam" (pen). The southeastern Indian practice consists of 17 steps of decorating. Natural dyes made from stems, leaves, and naturally-occurring metals are used to color the fabric. Natural mordants, commonly referred to as alum or iron acetate, are used to help "set" the color within the fabric so that it doesn't fade when washed. Artisans further embellish textiles using seeds, plants, and crushed flowers.

Block-printing is another detailed method of decorating material that comes from the Indian culture. The process is slow, but the results are fascinating. The artist uses this method to place beautifully colored patterns and designs on the items of clothing they make. The design or pattern is carved into a wood block, with a different block made for each color to be used. The design is then painted onto the block, and the block is firmly pressed on the material to transfer the design.

If an artist plans to use several colors in a design, the individual colors are placed on the fabric and permitted to dry before the next one is put on. The only way to accomplish the aesthetic effect on material that an artisan desires is with block-printing. A company that sells clothing for children in Northern California does amazing block-printed items.

Ikat is a type of material that uses a resist dyeing process to make multi-colored material and designs. Each individual thread is dyed the necessary color and then woven into the design the artisan desires. The best quality of items using this technique uses two layers of ikat material. True artists make very elaborate designs.

A venue for children's clothing in Northern California offers apparel that features elaborate artistic techniques accomplished using non-synthetic materials.

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