Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Skateboard Brand

By Angela Bennett

If you're just beginning to learn how to skate, it's vital that you choose the right board first. While there are lots of factors that go into picking the right skateboard brand, a suitable choice will have you master the basics very fast. It therefore pays to be patient and carefully examine all the key attributes.

The amount of money your budget allows you to spend on the board is a vital consideration. Beware of cheap boards, especially those sold online, because they tend to be of low quality. By browsing local shops first, you'll get to know the price range on different options and get a well-informed idea of how much you can afford. Additionally, your best bet would be to opt for stores that specialize in skating merchandise as opposed to general dealership. The former tend to sell quality products besides having specialists on hand to advice their customers.

There are two broad options as far as skate type goes; namely custom-built boards and complete sets. While the former involves DIY assembly of the board from pieces, beginners are better placed opting for complete sets. This is due to the simplified buying decision that doesn't involve much technical detail. But if you plan to expand later on, a custom-built skateboard would offer you the chance to use other components as you prefer.

Skateboards can be constructed using a number of materials, ranging from wood to aluminum and plastic. Wood, specifically the Canadian Maple, is widely preferred due its durability and stability. Still, you could opt for boards made of plastic or fiberglass if you prefer something different; these two are still highly durable. All these materials are generally affordable and within the reach of most skaters.

While most boards tend to be between 7.5 and 8 inches wide, you can still find broader and narrower varieties. Wide boards are however better-suited for adults. The height will largely depend on your height, with taller skaters needing longer boards. And if you're simply looking for a board to skate around the neighborhood, your best bet would be longboards. These are more stable than other sizes, thanks to their wide, flat-edged wheels.

A board's shape will largely depend on its intended purpose. Beginners are advised to stick with wide-deck boards, while those who fancy doing basic tricks would find the narrower products more suitable. Still, it helps to try out any product prior to purchasing. This helps you get a good feel of the ride while taking your physical attributes into account.

Wheels have a significant influence on stability, speed and general riding experience. If your budget allows you to spend more, this is one area you should invest heavily in. Look for harder materials as they tend to be more durable. If you simply want to cruise around in your neighborhood, choose larger wheels that offer a more even ride.

As you shop, remember to stick with standard sizes and shapes. While fancier shapes will easily sway most people, it would be prudent to avoid choosing solely on the basis of appearance. Testing the board out, preferably with the shoes you'll be using, will allow you get the board that suits your preferences best.

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