Use Area Rugs To Protect Floors

By Angela Turner

Often the inside of a home reflects the taste of an individual. Sometimes simple, stylish, or organized are intended choices for the feel of a room. What some may not realize is that area rugs can bring some character with little effort.

These, of course, come in a number of colors, fabrics, and styles that fit most any decor. Though some appreciate the softness of cotton against the soles of their feet, others may prefer wool or a synthetic blend that can handle foot traffic. Fabrics make a big difference when it comes to maintenance and care. Some synthetic fabrics may be able to handle a machine wash but would last longer being cleaned by a professional.

However, many are drawn into the visual aesthetic that a rug can bring to a space. Whether a bright or light color, contrasting textures or unique pattern, these can be a form of functional artwork. While these are intended to be used on a floor, some people like to hang these on their wall.

Those into decorating often agree that spaces with a uniform color or are in neutral shades could benefit from a bright color. Other contrasts include a large textured rug used in a room with simple lines or curves in the decor and furnishings. Sometimes a vibrant pattern, like leopard print or Aztec designs, present a nice surprise to plain spaces.

While synthetic fabrics may be washed at home as needed, this also allows easy change, as a person may desire. Imported rugs require detailed care, and cost a great deal more. Additionally, these are very heavy to move from one place to another. For some, the price is worth the effort to maintain a colorful accessory with great value.

What a lot of people do not realize is that an area rug can protect the air from outside elements, when cleaned regularly. Carpets that are not cleaned thoroughly tend to keep debris and dust beneath the surface. The same applies to hardwood or tile floors, even though these are much easier to clean without calling an expert.

This is one reason that people are beginning to choose hardwood floors for common areas. It can help reduce the exposure to allergens and dirt that are airborne or are tracked into the home. Even with regular vacuuming, most machines for home use do not go below the surface. An area rug can help protect carpet between deep cleaning sessions.

Should a person be inclined to do a quick renovation, they may want to try matching window treatments. Whether they prefer blinds or curtain, matching the rug and decor is ideal. If a person wants to use more than one type of dressing for their windows, it could not hurt to experiment with secondary, complementary colors found in other objects in a room.

Another advantage to having a rug in the main space is to camouflage small details. Marks on a carpet or floor that cannot be removed, wires from different devices or tears can disappear in a matter of minutes. This is ideal for those who rent their home or are not in a position to make a permanent repair.

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