Steps On The Proper Cleaning Of Faux Fur Bedspread

By Jason Campbell

Faux furs or fake furs are kinds of materials which are made out of synthetic fibers. The design of these resembles a fur. These materials have been used commonly for clothing. Some other uses of these are also becoming very popular nowadays and this is because the promotion for animal rights have been increasing and as well as animal welfare organizations claim that the materials are animal friendly.

There are a lot of different methods for fake furs to be cleaned and the three most common methods are through dry cleaners, washing machines, and through hands. However, these methods may be varied on the specifications given for an item. Being unsure on the specifications may probably result to damaging the material, so asking the manufacturer directly is suggested. So here are the three methods with their steps for cleaning your faux fur bedspread.

Machine wash faux fur. Before you immediately wash the material, make sure to check its tag. Most of the items are being provided by the manufacturer with a tag wherein all the important specifications and instructions are written. Though it will depend on you whether you are going to follow those instructions or not, these will still include some important tips which you need to notice.

Some of the contents of the tag include whether the color fades out, if the procedures are the same as washing the colored items, and the instructions for washing. Standardized symbols are also written that would indicate how to care for that item. So therefore, the tags are so much useful to know what steps are to be done next.

Place the item inside the washing machine. Do not wash any other items together with the fur. If the material is part of a garment, be sure to turn it inside and out to avoid the material from being worn out. Be sure that you are setting the machine right. Use a cold water and set it into a delicate wash cycle. The machine will then be turned on. Add an average amount of a mild type of laundry detergent.

You must also need to check if the machine has been to its least agitation for spin. After starting the rinse cycle, put a fabric softener and using cold water, rinse it. After the wash cycle, get the bedspread then shake it so that the excess water will be removed. Rolling the item into a thick towel may also help the water to be absorbed. Carefully pull the bedspread then slowly turn it into its original shape and dimension.

A faux fur which is hand washed. See to it that you are using the proper materials of hand washing. A lukewarm water or a cold water is either used for maintaining both the texture and the shape of furs. Make use of a mild laundry soap.

Another useful technique is spot cleaning. This technique can help the item to last longer and also maintain the original texture. Make use of mild detergent when cleaning the specific areas. When scrubbing, avoid on doing it too rough for avoiding some damage. Rinse with cold water and dry it.

Dry the fake fur. One of the best ways on drying the item is through air drying and not electric drying. Be sure that the area for drying is well ventilated. To place it outside or to add a fan may helpful to dry it faster.

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