The Basics Of Handicapping In A Paddock Room

By Jessica Kelly

Horse racing and other equestrian endeavors have been around for so long. This practice has become A sort of symbol of the state of wealth and economy for certain people. Just like all forms of gambling, there is an art to betting that can borderline on being a science. The best part is in analyzing situations and circumstances that may be favorable to a win.

There are many ways and factors to consider when handicapping. This is the term called by those who frequent the paddock room. Handicapping, is the art of predicting which horse has the most chances of winning. The matter is quite complicated especially for beginners, but there are bound to be pointers that you can work with.

The easiest bet to participate in are Show and Place. While they are both cheap and simple, they are also a great way to get started. For show type bets, all you do is to choose three horses that can land the first, second and third places. Place bets are slightly more expensive, yet just as simple since you choose a horse to go first or second.

Some of the more difficult types of gambling include the Exacta and Trifecta. These might be those that would need a certain amount of study on the end of the gambler. You can start betting with these types if you are starting to get the hang of handicapping.

The hardest one feels more like you are betting in lottery. As much as you would like to be convinced on winning based on genius handicapping skills, you would need some psychic ability and incredible amount of luck on your side. The hardest type would be Pick six, since it would need you to have 6 consecutive wins for the whole day.

Betting on the more complicated types require you to read some sort of publication to keep track of winnings and losses. The DRF or the Daily Racing Form has all the past information about the performances of all horses running for that days program. These can cost four dollars a copy and includes informative horse racing articles.

Handicapping and choosing which horse is most likely to win is a science that takes in so many factors to consider. The jockey and trainers are one of these factors. In fact, many gamblers would bet based on who is riding the horse and if there were any changes regarding this. Some say that it is very likely that the best riders get the best horses. Take that with a grain of salt.

Yes, the race can be ruined entirely by a bad ride on the wrong mount. Another factor to consider is the race track and what it is made of. It can be turf, grass or dirt which affects how the horses run. Some are best at one track and bad at another. Knowing details like these are exactly what the charts from the DRF is for.

These details are exactly what the DRF is for. The whole thing looks like it can be compared to the stock market. But apart from all this mental hustle and bustle, ultimately this type of gambling has maintained is cultural and traditional relevance and is a great venue to take friends and family.

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