Understanding The Total Coverage Foundation

By Donna Stevens

This is a type of makeup that is used globally. Produced in 40 shades and contains 32% pigment. It is made with emollients and anti-oxidants. This concentration of pigment is for long wearing coverage. It protects the skin against free radicals that can interact with it. It also gives you a radiant second skin finish. We can hence discuss the details of total coverage foundation.

The name speaks volumes. It is a complex product that is designed for two major types of skin. Body membranes are either the dry or oily type. The foundation is applied in a manner that it covers all pores. The cover is complete thus giving protection underneath. When making a choice on the type of base to use, it is imperative to consider type.

The purpose of is to make a person look better and confident. This is made to merge with peoples color. This has made the modeling industry adopt it. The fashion industry has adopted it since it makes people look better. These factors have led to the wide acceptance in the fashion and modeling industry.

It has the indisputable ability to cover unwanted scars. Getting exposed to sunlight and accidents may lead to discoloring and uneven pigmentation. Everyone needs to look good and makeup is a good remedy for that. Through using it, a client is able to cover the pigmentation or scars they may not like.

When making a choice, one needs to be very keen. This is because the foundation needs to harmonize with your skin color to give the desired look. Once applied, it should fade away into your skin and leave an even tone. If the wrong choice is made, the finish will not blend with your skin. This means you will not get the look that you want. Care should be taken while making the purchase to make the right choice to suit your complexion.

These come in four major categories. These are differentiated through the mode of application. These categories include powder, liquid, cream, and stick. Most women have given preference for the liquid foundation; makes it easy to apply and fits as a second skin upon application. The liquid makeup can be applied using a sponge, brush or even fingertips. The fingertips are used to apply it in a circular motion.

The cream is applied by women who have a skin that is dry. They come in cases and are excellent in giving best coverage. They are good when it comes to night events. However, one should be keen when it comes to the eye region since they have a base that is deep. The other stick makeup is a combination of two in one for hiding scars. It is portable.

The powder makeup is used as a bathroom favorite. The powder form is light and has a non-clogging advantage. They are suitable for the oily skin or for individuals affected with acne. These beauty products will give that elegant feeling and the confidence that makes you flawless. The foundation is affordable and has free shipping for orders made.

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