What You Need To Know About Modest Islamic Clothing

By Melissa Wilson

One of the most influential religions in the world is Islam. The followers of this religion are spread all through the world. However what mainly identifies them is their unique Modest Islamic Clothing. Clothes differ depending on the geographical location, cultures, climate, social status, tradition and resources as a few of the most common.

The beliefs and religion of Islam is the main driving reason behind their mode of dressing. The attire should help them clearly express their beliefs and values while ensuring they look descent and modest. Most of these designs may look similar and simple, although they are still beautiful. To make the garments, cotton is the main material used. This makes the garments suitable for wear in mostly the hot and humid areas.

The Islam clothing is in two main categories, the fashionable and costly Islamic urban and the traditional rural wear. Urban wear mainly consist of traditional jubbahs, shirt and pant suits as well as pajamas. Rural wears are categorized into women wear that consist of the black facial cloths, Burkha for the women and the simple salwar-kurta while the men wear cotton pajamas and jubbah.

A hijab is the most important Islamic garment especially for the women. There are different concepts involving the wearing of these garments due to the difference in cultures, and changes in time that has affected the way they are used, worn, importance and styles of the hijab. This thus has led to the different rules for example in Saudi Arabia, Islamic women should always be covered in a hijab when in a public place while France and Turkey prohibit hijabs in schools.

There are different styles of the hijab depending on the religion and culture of these affected individuals. An example is Muslims in India and Pakistan wear a hijab known as burqa which is a two piece that consists of a head covering often in black and a gown. A niqaab is also added to cover the head and face and then falls to the bosom. Those in the Middle East have the abaya which is often embroidered and made from black caftan that covers the body from head to toe.

All the clothes that the women wear should be loose fitting so as to reduce the sexual attention the woman attracts. The clothing should cover up the body and ensure that the outline of the shape of ones body is not visible. The real skin color of ones body should also be hidden from sight thus the clothes should also be dark and thick enough for this purpose. Wearing shiny and brightly colored clothing is also banned. These specifications also apply to the men.

Similarly to the women, the men are also advised to cover up their heads and dress up modestly. To cover their heads, the men are advised to cover their heads using turbans or scarves with the kuffiyya as an example of a checkered scarf. However the traditions have changed with time thus most men will only wear the head coverings at the religious places.

The main source of Islamic attire is online stores and wholesale markets. The online stores are the most suitable option for saving up on money as they offer the products at high discounts.

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