Add Style With A Fake Sheepskin Rug

By Jason Allen

People often want to decorate their home but may not have a clue as to where they should start. Simplicity is usually a good rule of thumb, as accessories should be used sparingly and quality items can be inexpensive. It is also a good idea to keep it inexpensive as a fake sheepskin rug is usually an affordable item that is of use.

There are many types from which to choose and most can be machine washed. However, sending to a professional cleaner, especially if it is stained or torn, is recommended for longer wear. These come in a multitude of colors and textures and will complement a number a interior decor styles.

Dark grey and off white are often good choices for those who like to keep the room theme neutral. Light or white faux fur rugs work better in homes that are cleaned frequently or have little foot traffic. Bright colors are great for bringing a splash or focal point in a room. Sometimes little things, like candles or pictures frames, can be practical accents that do not cost much.

For people who do not care to have real animal fur, this is a great choice because the look and feel can be deceiving. The synthetic materials used can also make storage easy and sometimes people may own more than one faux fur rug to change the look of a room, as needed. Many will find that the selection depends on the look they are aiming for.

This does not just apply to those seeking a clean look but casual looks may add a touch of surprise with a faux mink area rug. Experimenting is often encouraged and the ideas are limitless. Those who like the look of a rug can also use it as a wall decoration instead of decorative wallpaper or nice picture frames.

When in doubt, there are many books and online visuals that can inspire creativity. Some are even targeted to those working with a limited budget. Though various shades of white offer flexibility in color choices, someone with blue or beige walls may not have as many options. This is where a color wheel comes in handy, as it can help in selecting complementary colors as possible accents in a living space.

One possible option is to make one area rug into several smaller rugs. One may be used near a favorite chair, or by the fireplace. If dealing with white or light colors, it may be wise to place these in areas where foot traffic is minimal. Another tip would be to consult a cleaning professional about treatments that will prevent stains from becoming permanent.

There is no reason why anyone should come home to a boring living space, unless they really want to. Adding accessories is not hard and even if a person rents, there are still ways to live out their decorating dreams while staying within the lease requirements. All it takes is a little imagination and planning to be on the way to something fabulous for less. After a while, people may think that a professional was hired to do the job.

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