Finding Horse Decor For Living Room Eclat

By John West

Mankind has always been fascinated with the horse. Legends have grown up around them in almost every culture. Famous men like Alexander the Great and Robert E. Lee had horses almost as well-known as they were. Greek and Roman gods had horses, as did the sun, a handsome young man who drives his fiery horses across the sky. It's no wonder that people use horse decor for living room ambiance.

There's no limit to the decorative items designed on an equine theme. Even the most humble hut might have a horseshoe nailed up over the door, turned open end up so the luck won't run out. Metal horseshoes were invented early on, maybe circa 900 AD. Around the same time, elegant pottery or bronze statues of martial horses graced royal palaces in ancient China.

Statues of horses range from collectible figurines to priceless art. You can even turn one into a lamp. People sometimes have a full-size carousel horse prancing behind the couch. Depictions of steeds with flowing manes and tails on lampshades and picture frames take up less room and can be just as eye-catching. Use a heavy cast iron horse for a door stop.

For a traditional look, get a vintage or reproduction hunt print. Actually, artists are still creating original paintings about contemporary subjects, since the sport of foxhunting is still flourishing in America. These scenes of horse and hound are generally matted in red and framed in dark wood - an elegant, country effect. These prints evoke the rich history of England, Ireland, and our own colonial period.

The hunt print is also effective on coasters, which look good on end or coffee tables. Similar pictures, prints, and accessories feature race horses, show jumpers, steeplechasers, and sulkies or coaches. If you have had the thrill of winning in competition, display your trophies on book shelf or mantle set out glasses and a decanter on a presentation tray, or fill an engraved bowl with ripe, red apples.

Of course, cowboys and Indians are just as thrilling and evocative of history, adventure, and romance. Authentic western art and artifacts are extremely valuable, but affordable prints and reproductions create the same effect in a room setting. Real things are effective, too. A pair of boots against the wall, or gloves and a whip on a table, let the world know you are part of the wild, wild West. Pictures of free-running horses, lonesome cowboys, or wild stampedes call to the cowboy in us all.

Those who actively engage in the horse world often bring it inside. They might drape a colorful saddle blanket over the back of a couch, hang a bridle on the wall, or have a saddle on a free-standing rack in one corner. Any of these make great conversation starters, and horse owners usually have a million good memories and great stories. Since everyone pretty much likes horses, even if they've never touched one, these distinctive touches make a room accessible.

The internet is a great place to browse for horse-related things to customize your living room. From wall hooks to chandeliers, you can find pieces to enchant and inspire. Do a broad search or narrow it to your favorite theme.

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