Guide To Cleaning Your Faux Sheepskin Rug

By Joyce Howard

The use of fake sheepskin has become popular. Most homes have this product in their house. The best part about the rug is that it can be used as a runner, on chairs and also beds. The fluffiness makes it hardly possible to resist. However, in as much as Faux Sheepskin Rug is ideal, it is hard to clean. If it is not well maintained, it starts to tuft and get dingy.

If you will have your mat in good shape and looking stunning and not toss it away, you ought to take your time and clean it well. That is the only way the quality of the rug can be maintained, and there is no shortcut. You can choose to clean the mat on your own but if you do not have an idea of the best methods of doing the cleaning you will only have a mess at the end.

Before you commence your cleaning process, take the rug out and shake off most of the dust and other particles in it. If the carpet was used for the floor, then it is advisable that the shaking off be done outdoors. You do not want the dust particles settling on your furniture in the house. If the particles are many the other way of dealing with it is by beating it up.

After all the particles have all been removed the next step is washing the product. The washing should be done by use of cold water, and not make the mistake of using any strong detergents or bleaches. For most of these faux rugs, it is recommended that you use very mild products since the chemicals will react with it and destroy it ultimately.

If you want to use a machine when cleaning, then you should read the tag before putting it in the washer. The tag should have clear instructions on how to manage this. To limit the wear of the rug, turn the product inside out. After that, you should have it placed gently on the machine just like any other items. Then turn set the right machine-washing settings.

If you have set on the correct settings on the machine, the mat will be clean in no time, and you should place it on a drying rack for it to dry. The material used for making this rug is thick and so it can take long for it to dry. This is why you should not be in a hurry after you have put it to dry. You will notice that the rug turns to look like spires of matted wool after washing, but it will get to its normal condition when it is dry.

After a week, confirm if the runner is dry, if not, then you will need to give it some time. Once it is completely dry, you need to start brushing the item. This should be done using short strokes. It is best that you get a wire brush for this procedure. A dog brush is the one that can be able to break up the mats and restore the fluffiness. Be ready to get minimal shedding.

Cleaning these mats is not a simple task at all. You should also take caution on the kinds of detergents you use when cleaning. After the rug is all fluffy and clean, you will enjoy the effort you put in the tiring cleaning process.

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