Learn Of The Different Types Of Faux Fur Shag Rug

By Frances Jones

At some point, you might find yourself needing a rug. At some times, settling for the traditional rugs will not just work for you. If you are need a carpet that is both unique and classic, the faux fur shag rug is the ideal option for you. This type of mat has been around since the late sixties, and it seems that it is not going anywhere.

Even if the runner has been around for quite some time, it is still the perfect one for coming up with perfect floor coverings. They are also very stylish and have been capable of bringing both the modern and ancient looks in many households. You are guaranteed of good fashion of your house once you embrace these types of rugs.

These products are made from acrylic, cotton, nylon, and polypropylene. They can be found in a host of colors to ensure that it suits eve taste and need. They have a similarity in appearance as well as texture, which consists of strands of knotted materials. They can be either short or long in appearance, or you can have a product that is a combination of both.

However, before getting the merchandise, you need to know that they came in a variety of types. There is the flokati; the product was initially worn as clothes by both worriers and the Greece travelers. Today, this beautiful mat is made of pure cotton. The product is ideal for those who are looking for a floor covering that is soft beneath their feet. The mat is made from a product either the Grease or New Zealand. The wool is treated with some products to ensure that it is soft when one feels it. The Flokati is the softest of all the faux fur.

The other kind that is just like the flokati is the Aros rug. This product majorly comprises of the wool got from sheep bred in New Zealand. The texture is similar to that of the flokati, but it is manufactured differently and appears different.

The love fur is the other type of rug that can be found in the marketplace. This product consists of acrylic that is very readily available. It is also very affordable if you compare it with the other types of shag faux fur. Therefore, if you are tight on your budget go for this type.

The leather mat is another commonly available type of carpet. This product mostly is made from the suede and hide all got from the cows. There are some of the rugs that are made from a combination of both raw materials. This product is majorly done to target those that are not very challenged financially. This is because the product is quite expensive and also very durable.

The last type is the shaggy mat. This name resembles the appearance of the carpet. It is made of short strands that are very thick and appear dense. They are very comfortable when one sits or walks on them. This is owed to the fact that they are very soft and xozy. In fact if you want you can use it in the Nusery for your new born child.

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